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For me there is a really win win situation to be able to combine training and nature since they both make me feel so good. This is why I have chosen to start Active wellness by nature



Trainer and owner of Active wellness by nature

My name is Annelie Bjoerklund and I moved to Malvern from Sweden in December 2017. I have always loved different types of training and have for a long time thought about making something more out of it. Nature is the place that always makes me feel relaxed and good. This is why I have chosen to start Active wellness by nature and bring the Swedish concept  Crossnature® to US. I want to combine being in nature, training, and pushing your own personal limits with being part of a group and having fun.

In Sweden I worked as an occupational therapist coordinating support for people with physical or mental disabilities that effected there life. During my years working in this field I learned how important it is to do something active for yourself that you feel good about doing and that makes you forget about everything else and gives you the energy to handle all your must in life. That is exactly what Active wellness by nature is offering.

Hope to see you out there!