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Active wellness by nature is built on the Swedish concept CrossNature® that started in Sweden 2010 and has since then been growing strong. The concept is easy, no gyms needed, just use your own body weight and nature as equipment. Individual, in pair and group exercises, no class will look anything like the one before. Focus is on strength blended with cardio. This is a form of training that everyone can join, every exercise is possible to make harder or scale to make easier, you chose your level. 

My philosophy is that it dosen't matter what your body looks like, instead you should focus on what you can achieve and build a strong body and well being for a lifetime.   


"An innovative and energizing form of exercise for both body and soul which gives added value"

"A class that is both fun and challenging. The mix of strength, cardio and functional training in combination with nature, being in a group and having a trainer that push you to give a little bit more makes it my favorite type of training" 

"The best thing with this concept is that you get faster and stronger at the same time as you are having really fun"

"To work out together outside give both energy and team spirit"